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Product Review- Xerox WorkCentre 6015B Laser Color All-in-One

When it comes to high volume prints for company paperwork or for small printing businesses, a heavy-duty and reliable laser printer is all you need. Xerox WorkCentre 6015B Laser Color All in One is among the newest products designed with a lot of new features that can meet your daily printing needs. We got a review request from Misco.co.uk for this product and we gladly accepted to try our hands on this MFP and test it hard for our visitors.

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iBum Chair Photocopies Your Ass

Your office’s photocopier isn’t really official until someone has photocopied their ass. Whether it be intentional or through some horrible accident I can’t even begin to comprehend, photocopying of the ass cheeks is a tradition wherever photocopiers are found. The iBum chair takes the ass copier out of the office and into your home. Whenever someone sits down in the ...

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Xerox Invents “Self-erasing” Paper

Xerox is looking to venture outside the office world you’ve associated it with. Seems now it’s aiming to make tree-hugging hippies smile with erasable paper. The paper automatically clears itself after a 24-hour waiting period and can then be used again and again, up to 100 times. It may not be a zero-watt monitor, but hey, it beats sitting there ...

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