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Dog Pencil Sharpeners Remind Me of My Weekends

Remember when you were young? Days filled with school, pencils and dog anuses? Ahh, the good old days. I remember it like it were yesterday. Wait a second, that’s because it was yesterday! Thanks to these Dog Pencil Sharpeners. With the help of a mighty pet rectum, our pencils are never dull. The funny this is, we don’t even use ...

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Drawdio: Drawing Music

Once in awhile, I come across an invention that blows my mind in terms of creativity and functionality. Jay Silver’s Drawdio most certainly fits into that category. Drawdio is a pencil that has a simple synthesizer hooked up to the graphite. Based on the conductivity of graphite, drawing on paper will produce various different sounds creating a one-of-a-kind music experience. ...

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Can You Resell Your MP3s? Good Question

Ars Technica has a great writeup on the subject of reselling MP3s. CDs are on the way out and I can’t remember the last time I bought one (probably Vampire Weekend). The thing is, you could easily resell a CD. Take the physical media to your local CD shop, trade it in for a few bucks and that’s it. So ...

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