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Double the Pleasure: Scrabble Board with Double the Amount of Squares

True Scrabble geeks know that a game can never last long enough. Before you know it there’s no more room to create new words, the scores are tallied and BOOM, you’re named the winner, as usual. But us Scrabble junkies demand a more in-depth experience. This Extra Large Scrabble board is equipped with 441 squares, compared to the standard 225. ...

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Marquee Picture Frame

If you live anywhere near a church or public school, this Marquee Picture Frame shouldn’t be a mystery. Sold with a set of of white punch-out letters, you can create your own messages and post them on the frame, changing the message whenever you want. The frame allows for lettering to appear on all sides of the photo, if you ...

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Spelling Out Words with your Mac OS X Dock

Remember in school when you’d waste time by trying to make funny words with your calculator (lol, “boobs”)? We’ve grown up. We’re way past the days of trying to make naughty words on our tools of arithmetic. These days, we’ve turned to our Mac OS X docks for our creative word challenges. Check out some more words after the jump ...

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