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DSLR Camera Concept Design Gets Ergonomic

Erin Fong’s Nova DSLR concept reestablishes everything we thought we knew about DSLR camera design and recreates it in a novel way. The Nova features a swiveling wing-like design which makes the device more ergonomic and, all-in-all, more stable. I imagine camera shake would also decrease with this design as both hands should balance and compliment each other well.

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Slow Motion Ornithopter

Seeing this video makes me hope that one day I’ll be flying in a giant robotic butterfly. Researchers in Japan are working on this small ornithopter, a flying device with wings that are modeled after those of a butterfly. The idea is to one day have commercial airplanes with flapping-wing flight just like birds. Above is a high speed video ...

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Badass Desk Made From An Airplane Wing

If you have $4200 lying around and a lot of free office space, may I suggest immediately purchasing this sweet desk made from an airplane wing. The desk is called Deborah and with curves like these, you’ll be falling in love with her the minute you plunk down half your savings on her. I wonder where they get the airplane ...

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