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Tracking disconsumption

A project to use barcodes to track consumer waste reminds me of what Slavoj �i�ek says while standing amidst piles of garbage: "part of our daily perception of reality is that this [trash] disappears from our world."

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Concept Shower Uses Waste Water To Grow Plants, Purify Remainder

The Phyto-Purification Bathroom and Shower concept uses your wasted water, unused and usually flushed down the drain, to help aid the growth of an organic system which purifies the water, right in your bathroom. The plants are organized in such a way that they aid each other’s growth and all play a vital role in the purification of the wasted ...

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“Is That Rob Halford?”

Straight out of the cover of a Judas Priest album, this “thing” looks to be a steampunk steed from Hell. Dubbed “Lrry,” it’s a rideable motorcycle/robo-horse constructed by the Mutoid Waste Company in London. The best part about it is it’s 100% recycled. Biker gangs will be running for the hills. Linkvia]

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Wilting Flower Monitors Energy Consumption

Here’s a device that’s shaped like a flower that you connect to your house via a wireless transmitter. It monitors the electricity consumed in your house in real time. Using too much energy will result in this flower’s demise, wilting at the first signs of wasted energy. Designed by Carl Smith, the Wilting Flower will reward those who remain conscious ...

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It Seems NASA Got Bored

When NASA gets really bored, it starts doing pointless comparisons of the first successful landing on the moon. Only the brightest minds at NASA will be jotting down coordinates and tracing all of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s movements. It turns out that the two original mooninites only hopped around in an area smaller than a soccer field. So NASA: ...

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