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Laundering Money

Ha! Get it? It’s a laundry bag, with a dollar sign on it! Not only can you fool the other broke bastards at the laundromat into thinking you’ve struck it rich, you’ll also be able to crack terrible jokes regarding money laundering and actual laundry. Terrible, I’m aware. $21.69 and a sense of humor. Link [via]

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Mouse Soap Not On A Rope

This mouse is done being a computer mouse. It’s tired of being man-handled all day, clicked and pressed all over. It wants to relax. The truth is, it’s just a bar of soap carved into a computer mouse. It almost looks functional but the only thing it’s functioning is that fresh feeling after a hot shower. Not the first and ...

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Miss Washbasin Conforms To Your Body

Let’s face it, your face is dirtier than a Denny’s kitchen. You shouldn’t have to worry about cramping your back while hunched over your normal everyday bathroom sink. Hidra, creators of the Miss Washbasin, were thinking of your crater filled cheeks when they designed the Miss. The concave form of the sink allows for comfortable leaning against the front of ...

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