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Find the Time Clock: Time For a Word Search

I can’t even calculate how many hours of my life I wasted solving word searches. Given many of those hours were spent on the john, it still feels like a whole lot of time gone that could have been used for doing something productive, like curing cancer or threatening robotic babies or inventing the iPad. But I guess it was ...

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History of Mario Wall Clock

More than 25 years after his first appearance, Mario is still going strong in the world of gaming. He’s probably the best known gaming character in the world and his popularity continues to grow with every new generation of gamers. This awesome History of Mario Wall Clock starts at the beginning with the original bittastic Donkey Kong Mario, and continues ...

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Homer Simpson Is Watching You

We love clocks. Homer Simpson loves Duff Beer. Clearly, this is a match made in Heaven Springfield. Hang up this relatively cheap ($21) Simpsons wall clock and watch as Homer’s eyes follow the bottle of Duff beer floating on the end of the second hand. I’m sure the novelty won’t wear off anytime soon, but always remember: Private Eyes. They’re ...

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