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Steampunk AT-AT Walker

Commissioned as a gift for the blogger at Badger and Owl, this "Mechano-Perambulator" probably wouldn't fare to well in active battle, but the Jawa scavengers would have a field day.

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LEGO Pac-Man Walker

How do you take down a ghost with a chip on its shoulder? Yeah, we’re looking at you Blinky. It’s simple enough. When Pac-Man himself just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to whip out some heavy artillery. The LEGO Pac-Man Walker illustrates my point to perfection. Strap Pac-Man onto a pair of exoskeleton legs, complete with blasters and I’m pretty ...

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AT-AT Walker Made Out of Bacon

When I die and go to heaven, I expect this is what I’ll see at the pearly gates. Except I imagine my heavenly AT-AT having a nicer rack. The 3-ft. tall Bacon AT-AT Walker is constructed using 40 lbs. of bacon stuck to a foam base. This porky monstrosity took 21 straight-hours of work to build and probably about a ...

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Someone Call Lando, There’s A Party

It wouldn’t be Monday without the obligatory Star Wars post. This Star Wars themed wedding posted on Flickr has all the guests dressed in their favorite Star Wars characters. The groom as Admiral Ackbar is for some strange reason or another settling for some Corellian chick. Where are all the Mon Calamari women? Complete with an At-At Walker based cake, ...

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