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Voltron Star Shooter Camera

Digital? We don’t need no stinkin’ digital! This camera is balls-to-the-wall old school. It uses that 110mm film you used to buy for cheap cameras. You know, the ones you’d win at the local arcade in the crane machine. That aside, this is a Voltron robot (the original!) equipped with a working camera. That SLR lens is just for show, ...

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Dyna-therms Connected, Infra-cells Up; Mega-thrusters Are Go!

When you’ve got more manga books than you know what to do with, you’ll need some solid bookends. How about these Voltron-themed bookends? It’s the Lion Force working hard to keep those books of yours in check. While I like the Star Wars bookends more, they happen to be sold out, so I’ll need an alternative I can fall back ...

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Reebok “Voltron Collection” Sneakers

Inspired by the #1 rated cartoon of the 80’s comes these Voltron themed Reebok sneakers, creatively dubbed “The Voltron Collection”. Reebok has created a specially made sneaker for each of the 5 lions featured on the show, including the Court Victory (Black Lion), Pump Omni Light (Yellow Lion), Ventilator (Blue Lion), and the Insta Pump Fury (Red Lion). Sources are ...

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