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Benedictaphone: The Holy Way to Leave Yourself Vanity Messages

Self-glorification. Self-encouragement. Messages of self-affirmation. Some call these messages a sin. Pure vanity. Not if you leave these messages on the Benedictaphone, the holiest way to sin there ever was. “You are great. You are powerful. You are the greatest of all time.” Why thank you, Pope Benedict, you’re not too bad yourself. The Benedictaphone allows you to record yourself, ...

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Sony Walkman Making A Comeback

The Sony Walkman was thought to be dead in the wake of iPods and Zunes for quite some time until today, when Sony announced these three individual series of new Walkmen:The entry-level B-series is the lower-end model which only plays music, no video for you movie freaks out there. It’s also got a FM radio and voice recorder with a ...

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