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Fallout 3 A3-21 Plasma Rifle Replica

Fallout 3 replica maker Ryan Palser continues his past work with his A3-21 Plasma Rifle creation, beautifully recreating the iconic weapon from the modern post-apocalyptic RPG classic. In Fallout lore, the A3-21 is one of the only weapons still produced after the Great War. Despite its massive power, the gun can be acquired relatively early in the game. But really, ...

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The Star Wars Vault Loads You Up With Swag

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. It has totally surpassed the rungs of classic movie and turned itself into a standalone genre of culture, which is proven by the insane Postal Service campaign that was unveiled for its anniversary. The Star Wars Vault packs in a whole shit load of photos, artwork, and memorabilia exploring the development and creation of ...

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