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Robotic Jetpack Doesn’t Need No Stinkin’ Heartbeat

We’re sure that there are plenty of people who wouldn’t mind strapping into a jet pack and soaring 8,000 feet in the sky at 60 mph, myself included. But out of those people, how many would be willing to not only fly a jetpack, but fly it into the crossfire of a war. Not many. Not to mention the government ...

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Blood By Air – The Medical Robot Carrier Pigeon

The practical uses for unmanned aerial vehicles are proving limitless. Once used for espionage and photography, these airborne spy bots just fell victim to a role reversal: they’ve gone from spy to medic. Well, while they don’t exactly heal wounds out on the battlefield, they do provide air transport for supplies needed in dire situations. Think of them as carrier ...

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No Pilot? No Problem

It seems wind records aren’t the only vehicular-based records being broken this year. Pictured above is the 66-pound unnamed unmanned flying machine that broke a world record for the longest-lasting unmanned flight. It remained airborne for an unbelievable 83 hours and 37 minutes. That’s three and a half days of non-stop flight thanks to it’s power source: lithium-sulfur batteries charged ...

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