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Halo Charm Bracelet

Featuring the cover art for all five Xbox Halo games plus one that doesn’t even exist, the Halo Charm Bracelet by Etsy merchant Penniewise, is the sexy way to show off your love of the Spartans. While the connotation of a charm bracelet might sound pretty feminine, this piece of jewelry is rather unisex. The Halo Charm Bracelet features the ...

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Cube Bracelet is a Perfect Gift for Your Geeky Hipster Girlfriend

If your girlfriend is a fan of geometry, cubes or just really unique jewelry, this Cube Bracelet is the perfect way to show your girl that you care about her interests. Even some guys might wear this bracelet if they’re nerdy enough to rock their geometric love with a piece of unisex jewelry. Currently sold out from 80’s Purple, the ...

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Make your Laptop have Lapstyle

So you think since you have a nice winter jacket for this winter season that you’re all set, huh? Well what about your poor little laptop? You walk around in your down stuffed coat while little Lappie freezes its motherboard off. Lapstyle is the answer! Lapstyle Laptop Covers are fuzzy little exteriors for your laptop to kick the style up ...

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