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Writing Ball Typewriter: The Curvy Steampunk Word Processor

The Malling-Hansen Writing Ball was originally unveiled in 1867, featuring a keyboard layout which has long since been buried in the depths of time. Did you know that QWERTY keyboards were originally designed to deter typewriter users from overburdening the keyboard with speedy typing, which would, in turn, jam the keys? But who cares. The star of the show is ...

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USB Typewriter Turns iPad into Vintage Writing Contraption

The typewriter. The ultimate forerunner of the word processor. We don’t give the typewriter enough credit for changing the world of the press. Providing fanboys of the 1880s to create fan fiction which could be read by tens of readers, instead of just himself. But since we’re in a new era. In fact, there’s probably been multiple new eras since ...

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Vintage Typewriters Reinvented

Reminiscent of the City Foundry Bots, in comes a new breed of artsy sculptures made from old tech junk. Jeremy Mayer cleverly reworks old-fashioned typewriters into life-like humanoid sculptures. Occasionally, the wild feral cat is thrown into the mix, but most of his portfolio consists of bipedal robots. The intricacy of design is impeccable. You’d never think all those parts ...

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