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Stuffed Plush Twitter Bird

Editor’s Note: This design seems to bear a striking resemblance to Iconfactory’s official Twitterrific mascot, Ollie. Credit needs to be given where credit is due. We strongly suggest you check out the official Iconfactory store to purchase official Ollie products. If all of you social media gurus and marketing consultants are having trouble sleeping at night, too worried about your ...

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LEGO Twitter Bird

While the iconic fail whale was already the willing victim of a full-on LEGO brick barrage, the Twitter bird had stealthy avoided the brick treatment. But no longer thanks to brick designer Fredo Houben, who took the Twitter bird design to the next logical level — LEGO sculpture. Link [via]

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Twitter “Follow Me” Tattoo Socks

It’s understandable that some of you are hesitant to get something as permanent as a tattoo. Especially with a fad site like Twitter. Who knows how long the novelty will last? A massive “follow me” tattoo isn’t for everyone. These “Follow Me” Tattoo Socks give you that temporary ink look, just in case you’re not ready to take the leap ...

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Twitter Bird Pillow

Thank God this Twitter Bird Logo Pillow doesn’t beep or blink whenever a new tweet is posted, because you’d never sleep. This custom made pillow features the now iconic Twitter bird. I’m still waiting on a Fail Whale pillow. It actually works out pretty nicely. The RSS Pillow symbolizes one half of my internet life, my research side, while the ...

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