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A Blast From The Past Of Geekiness

I can’t get enough of corny retro video game commercials.� When I saw this Street Fighter 2 Turbo promotional video posted on Dooby Brain, I just had to share it here.� It reminds me of the better times in my life, when wearing cardigan sweaters and listening to Nirvana was cool. If you pay close attention to the video, ignoring ...

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[Re]drive Has A Stupid Name, Great Cause

Saying you’re into saving the Earth is the best way to score pussy nowadays. After all, after Al Gore’s movie and the Prius, every company is looking for a way to market something as “green.” A company called Fabrik will be releasing what is being dubbed the world’s most eco-friendly external hard drive, as if you cared. The SimpleTech [re]drive ...

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