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The Evolution of the Geek Flowchart (Infographic)

It all started so innocently. A simple linguistic evolution. Geckus led to geek which eventually led to gleek and all of the numerous off roads. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the word geek became a part of culture, but geeks have always existed, even if the word didn’t. Flowtown created this helpful flowchart infographic to show the evolution of ...

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How to Know a Little About a Lot: Trivia Translated into Doodles

Most of us geeks have a thirst for knowledge. I’ve been a trivia hound as long as I can remember and while I’m not an authority on any one topic, I dibble dabble in lots of topics. That’s probably why I’m so in love with infographics. The site Learn Something Every Day takes an interesting nook of trivia everyday and ...

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Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know About Bacon (Infographic)

While my tongue might be more acquainted with bacon then any body part should healthily be, I have to admit, my knowledge of bacon history, lore and trivia had been lacking. One of the many reasons I love the medium of infographics is the bite-sized pieces of information in provides. For example, I can read a fact, which in turn ...

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Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know About Marvel Comics (Infographic)

Just the fact that Marvel once owned the rights to the word “zombie” makes the company infinitely cooler than I ever could have imagined. There are some infographics which have one or two facts that I might find really interesting, while the rest I could have guessed or sort of already knew. Every fact on this one was new to ...

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Stuff You Might Not Have Known About eBay (Infographic)

So much to buy, so little time (and money). eBay launched a revolution of eCommerce which adopted the auction style of buying and selling, providing an equal outlet for both entrepreneurs and people just trying to get rid of the crap in their attic. The amount of business that flows through eBay these days is just overwhelmingly vast. Over $60 ...

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Everything There Is To Know About Starcraft (Infographics)

There have been two, count ’em, two awesome infographics released in the past few days which illustrate almost anything you’d want to know about Starcraft, Starcraft economy and Starcraft’s effect on gaming culture, specifically Korean culture. After the jump, check out these two awesome infographics. So much Starcraft trivia, it hurts. But it hurts so good.

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