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Pistol Bluetooth Headset: I Swear, I’ll Do It… I’ll Answer the Phone!

No, it’s not a suicide attempt. No, it’s not a cry for help either. It’s a phone call. Why the hell would I want to off myself? Just look at this headset. Would someone who owns such an awesome headset really want to kill themselves? It just doesn’t make sense. Mike Haeg designed this Pistol-shaped Bluetooth Headset to perform pretty ...

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AirPiano Beats Out Air Guitar

Air guitar is a big thing but an even bigger musical hit is on the horizon. Omer Yosha has created an interesting, elegant interface that uses infrared sensors to control music applications he’s calling AirPiano. Similar in concept to the theremin but with many more advancements, the AirPiano allows any untalented schmuck to wiggle his fingers above the board to ...

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The Gun Mug

The next time your girlfriend refuses to cook you breakfast, grab her by the throat, choke slam her like Hulk Hogan and tell her, “Go ahead, make my coffee.” She’ll roll her eyes and kick you in the nuts as you pretend to act like Clint did in “Dirty Harry”. Though you might not possess the same charisma as Mr. ...

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