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The Dark Side of The Triforce

You know, they say this album perfectly syncs up with The Wiz. The Dark Side of the Triforce was created by wizard-in-training Jon Jackson, who was inspired to create his own Triforce masterpiece after witnessing the Triforce Latte. After a quick Google search he realized that, amazingly, no one else had created anything similar. Link [via]

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Triforce Latte Restores All Three of Your Hearts

So picture this. Your playing Zelda and your down to your last half heart. Your completely out of water and there’s a mob of enemies approaching. What do you do? What… do you do? What else can you possibly do? You pause the game, run into your kitchen, grab your cup set and you make a Triforce Latte as quick ...

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Legend of Zelda Nail Design

Anyone can waltz down to the local strip mall, pay $20 and get a set of fake, ugly acrylic nails slapped on their hands. But if you have class and skill, the right thing to do would be to paint on your own design. Take for instance Happylod3’s Legend of Zelda inspired fingernails. She painted the Triforce, the ocarina, the ...

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