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How To Turn a Trashcan Into a Stormtrooper Helmet

This week in cheap Stormtrooper costume ideas, we examine Jason’s Stormtrooper trash bin helmet, an idea he was forced to employ after a student of� his promised to lend him a costume for a school event, yet failed to deliver. In a blind panic, Jason grabbed the closest object within arm’s reach and improvised. Here is what you’ll need according ...

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R2-D2 Trash Can: What Can’t Artoo Do?

He’s been known to enjoy a cigarette or two. He’s an avid gamer. And he’s a huge fan of the postal service. Is there anything this droid can’t do? Add trash repository to his resume. Available in both full and desktop sizes, the R2-D2 Trash Can is the perfect spot to dispose of all of that space junk you come ...

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