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Donald Duck Transformer

Disney has already scooped up Marvel and their massive catalog 5,000 comic book characters. But what if Disney moved onto greener pastures and started scooping up toy companies as well? If Hasbro was picked up by Disney, we might start seeing plenty of more toys like this. The Donald Duck Transformer is both nightmarish (as you contemplate the possible future) ...

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Thomas the Transforming Tank Engine

This Transformer mash-up toy is built using discarded Thomas the Tank Engine toys. Composed of Thomas and some of his best train friends, Thomas the Transformer is a locomotive Frankenstein monster. Included on this Transformer are Thomas himself, his green friend Percy and the red engine James. This excellent toy sold on the Singapore eBay site for only S$10. Do ...

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Transformer Laptop USB Hub

The laptop hub itself is enough to generate an epic “Yo Dawg” meme which would make Xzibit cry in frustration. But add in transformer functionality and you have some sort of weird meta-paradox which isn’t even worth the effort to meme-ificate. This robotic transformer hub folds into the shape of a mini-laptop with four additional USB ports. Now all we ...

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Transformer Phone Concept Molds To Accomplish Any Task

Thanks to an innovative design and well-thought form-factor, the Transformer concept phone by Shkinder Maxim can do much more than your average mobile device. The Transformer has the capability to act as a mobile phone, photo/video camera, multimedia player, projector, and is even working on support for holographic imaging and 3D scanning. Featuring 2 independent swiveling and flipping displays, the ...

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M-Tran From Japan Is A Real Transformer

Researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan have developed a modular robot, called M-Tran, which changes its shape depending on the situation it is in. The robot is compiled of a number of different modules which each contain different sensors and uses depending on the situation. M-Tran ...

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