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Eureka!: Double-Sided Tube of Toothpaste

I friggen’ HATE when the last remaining bit of toothpaste happens to be all the way at the bottom of the tube. It’s one of my pet peeves. This double-sided tube of toothpaste contains two caps, so there really isn’t a bottem anymore, only a middle. So I guess my new pet peeve will be getting the remaining toothpaste from ...

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Sleep Aid Toothpaste

Pearly Dreams toothpaste was made to help you sleep. In other words, brush your teeth with this stuff and say goodnight. You’ll be lucky to make it to your bed. Containing a cocktail of Melatonin, Balm Mint, Valerian and Passionflower and endorsed by Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford (wtf?), Pearly Dreams promises a long night of unconsciousness. Or you can just drink ...

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