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Fanny Floss: Probably Not the Smartest Idea

The goal of Fanny Floss is to thoroughly clean your undercarriage, as well as you’re buttocks. But the way I see it, all you’re really doing here is thoroughly spreading shit towards your taint and balls. Am I missing something here? Is this really a genius idea and I’m just missing the point? Don’t get me wrong, I can see ...

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Paint By Numbers Toilet Paper

I wish I had a better excuse for why we post so many things related to toilets. I really do. But hey, who doesn’t love something related to a place we get to spend quality time at? This toilet paper is part of a promotional campaign from bag manufacturer Crumpler. 100,000 rolls of this stuff will be distributed, crass design ...

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Shitting and Knitting

This is a knitted roll of toilet paper. If you thought that was funny, look closely. It has eyes and a little mouth, thus giving life to an otherwise inanimate roll of wool. Want one? They aren’t for sale but lucky for you, creator Anna has whipped up a nice tutorial for knitters who’d like to make their own. Link ...

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Robot Head Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in a household. I’d say it borders somewhere above Q-tips and below the dishtowel. Now you can spice up your bathroom with this $50 TP holder from Japan. It’s called the Airyusha Robotan Toilet Paper Holder and comes in either black, red, yellow or silver/metallic. Made from ceramic, the toilet paper is ...

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