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Gorgeous Mystery and Moontek Watches

These gorgeous futuristic watches by designer Jacques Fournier caught my eye because of their modern style and sleek finish. The Mystery features four different time zones on four separate face plates while the Moontek is slightly more conventional, featuring a gorgeous Tourbillon and a jumping hour feature inspired by space travel, a feature everybody will need when we’re all evacuated ...

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Human Clock Takes Up Too Much Space, Eats All Your Food

Sure, it might seem real cool and artsy to have a clock ran by human beings, but think about how neat the statement of the Human Clock will be to you once the clock employees start running to their union reps because you’ve been starving them. Designed using a group of flexible time-keepers, the Human Clock is the one timepiece ...

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Salvador Dali Clock Adds A Mustached Dose of Surrealism To Timekeeping

Possibly the owner of the greatest and most influential mustache in the history of art, Salvador Dali was a master of his medium. His life was the arts. One of his most famous works, The Persistance of Memory, shows a series of melting and morphing clocks. This wall timepiece is designed to invoke a similar feel of surrealism and mutated ...

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Urwerk Continues Their Timepiece Takeover With The Hardest Watch Ever

A little less than a month ago, watchmaker Urwerk gave us a taste of sexiness with their turbine-powered 202 Hammerhead design. Urwerk continues to push the envelope with their 103.08 TiAlN, which stands for Titanium Aluminum Nitride, and is said to be the hardest watch ever made. The special TiAlN coating is only 4 microns thick, yet weighs a fraction ...

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The Four Cubes Clock

Somethings we’ll never understand, but we learn to accept them as certainties. What is our geeky obsession with cool clocks and watches? We don’t have an answer for that question, but we do have incentive for you to join our excitement. The Four Cubes Clock is a snazzy tabletop timepiece consisting of…well, four cubes that display the time, two designated ...

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Pokemon Watch: Gotta time ’em all!

Legendary child brainwashing machine, Pokemon, has a new way of constantly keeping Poke on fans minds. The Pokemon Watch displays a child like interface for those young at heart, while maintaining that Japanese made cheap look. What Pokeball master would be complete without an accurate Pokemon timepiece? Made with the finest of Japanese plastic and color coordinated in hopes of ...

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