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Friendly Beasts: Sesame Street Reexamined to Fit Nature’s Design

Once upon a time, Sesame Street was the epicenter of my childhood memories. But now, thanks to this new Friendly Beasts t-shirt design, any hope I had at retaining that nostalgia has been dashed. Friendly Beasts reexamines the beasts of Sesame Street as, well, pretty much what they are: beasts. These scientifically correct animal caricaturesreevaluateeverything we thought we knew about ...

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Alien Autopsy T-Shirt Confirms Existence of Extraterrestrials

Until now, any mention of extraterrestrials had remained solely conjecture. Pure myth. But finally, some hard proof! This is what we all needed. I am now a believer. The hours I wasted tapping away to Space Invaders did nothing to relieve my skepticism, but now, the proof is on a t-shirt. And as we all know, if it’s on a ...

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GEARdeals: All Threadless Shirts $9 Until 6 PM EST

I’ve already ordered four shirts (including the one pictured above). This deal was way too good to pass up. In honor of 09/09/09, Threadless has lowered the price of all of their t-shirts to only $9 until 4 PM CST (6 PM EST) today. The usual price is $18-$20 so you’re getting a significant discount. Threadless has some of the ...

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Bat and Robin T-Shirt

While Bat and Robin might not be quite as “super” as the real dynamic duo, I could totally see a spin-off Saturday morning cartoon series featuring these two menacing flying creatures. The Bat and Robin shirt takes a literal look at Batman, depicting what the comic could have been if the artists had decided to take a different course. This ...

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Two-Sided Game Boy iPhone Skin

We came across Infectious, a site which allows their users to submit there own iPhone skins and lets the other users vote whether the skin is included in their store. It’s sort of like the Threadless of gadget skins. While peeking around the site we came across this awesome Game Boy iPhone skin, complete with a dual sided design. The ...

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Mario Loves Those Shrooms

Though only a silhouette exists, my detective work tells me that someone going under the alias of “Toad” is dealing shrooms. Lots of shrooms. At $20 an eighth, these are going fast and I’m worried Mario might be caught up in the mix. Rehab? We’ve considered it. But then we wouldn’t feel so big and powerful anymore and that’s just ...

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