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The Coffee Table That Makes You Horny

Owning a coffee table like this particular model is most likely going to freak out any ladies whom you’ve invited over for dinner.? It’s got women’s undies pinned in between two pieces of glass, clamped together like a chasity belt. Additionally, the clamps also work as the table’s legs.?Your friends will?think you made it yourself and obtained the garments either ...

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A Thong For Your Ex-Girlfriend

I’m sure you and your friends think your ex is a real cunt, but is that any way to talk to a lady? Absolutely not. Alternatively, you could get her this thong. Aside from the fact that a thong just screams class, this one says “YOU ARE VISITOR: 002637” on the front part. She’ll not only hate you getting it ...

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Male Fire Hose Thong

When you’re drunk, you’re bound to make a fool out of yourself. You’re also probably bound to piss a lot that night so why not make the most of it? Slap one of these fire hose thongs on and let ‘er flow. Got a wife who’s into really freaky shit? Dress up like a fireman and then shower her with ...

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