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Walk Me You Must

The Force is strong with this one. A quick analysis of this subject’s fecal matter confirms it. The midi-chlorian count is off the charts. We were wrong about Anakin. I’d like you to meet Rex, the Chosen One. The one who will restore balance to the Force. Ahh, yes, yes. Dog Vader’s plan is almost complete. Link

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Lightsaber Finger Tattoos

So, I already have a tattoo featuring both Mario and a lightsaber… together. Guilty! But that won’t stop me from continuing the badassery with a finger lightsaber tat. Learn to master the force from the comfort of your own hand. The force is strong with this one. Link [via]

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May The Mass Times Acceleration Be With You

The laws of physics always hold up, even in a world such as Star Wars. Gravity still holds Mr. Skywalker on the ground and Mass Times Acceleration still equals force. But does it equal The Force? That is the question. Was Yoda really nothing more than a physics professor? Is Darth Vader simply an allegorical symbol of the possible destruction ...

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Dagobah Frog Habitat Tank: The Force is With You AND Your Pet Frog

To become a true Jedi knight you must be properly trained. Both humans and frogs alike must travel to the swamp planet of Dagobah to seek out Yoda, the legendary Jedi knight. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the money to send my pet frog to same fancy pants Jedi school. The best I can afford is ...

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