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Homemade Data Rig Has 90 TB of Storage Cooled By 40 Fans

A Russian modder has crafted the perfect solution to limited storage space for all of those torrents you’ve been downloading recently. This homemade computer rig rocks out with 90 terabytes of storage. But 90 TB of computing generates a ton of heat, which is why this computer needs 40 fans to keep cool. More than enough space to download pretty ...

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WD Unveils Largest SATA Drive in the World

You know what they say, it’s just more to love. WD unveiled their newest Caviar Green SATA Drive which stores 3.0 TB of data, divided into 750 GB platters. An Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) allows users to skirt the 2.5 TB limitations of PC hardware. Nothing like a little technical trickery to get your juices flowing. Believe it or ...

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8 Core Mac Pros now available!

Finally a confirmation on the heavily rumored 8 core Mac Pros. Today on the official Apple website, Jobs and friends finally announced the availability of the uber-exciting 8 Core Intel Xeon. This monster is going to have a storage capability of up to..get ready…3 TB! That’s right, 3 whole terabytes. As Apple says with the announcement “consider the bar raised” ...

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