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A Gun You Won’t Be Afraid To Get Shot By

That tequila shooting pistol we wrote about was child’s play compared to this real shot gun. No, not shotgun — shot gun. It’s a gun that shoots shots of booze wherever you aim it. It’s called the Shots Gun Drink Dispenser and it’s sure to be the life of any party. What makes it so rad is it can fit ...

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Hijos de Villa Tequila Gun: You Call That A Shot?

You feelin’ lucky today, punk? Well, shazzzam! If you need a new accessory for your Whiskey Holster, you might be very lucky indeed. The Hijos de Villa Tequila Gun chooses to opt out the violence of bullets, and replace every “shot” with 200ml of tequila in all of its drunk-aiding glory. You know what would be awesome? Drinking all of ...

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