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Darth Claus Prepares for a Merry Sithmas

Christmas might be long gone, but Sithmas is apparently right around the corner. How can we tell? Well for one, Darth Claus has rounded up all of his magical, flying Tauntauns. Are you on his Naughty or Naughtier list? He knows when you are sleeping. And he knows… well, he pretty much only knows when you’re sleeping, but come on, ...

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Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake: Complete with Nearly Dead Luke Skywalker

While it might not have been Luke’s proudest moment, Han Solo saved Skywalker from certain death in the Empire Strikes Back by slicing open a freshly dead Tauntaun and shoving the unconscious Jedi into the depths of the animal’s guts. Still warm, the heat of the dead animal saved Luke from freezing to death in the harsh Hoth climate. This ...

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