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SensoGlove And A Respectable Handshake

Some people have a wimpy handshake, while others have a bone-breaking firm shake. The SensoGlove will train certain uncoordinated folk into having the perfect grip on their golf club, handshake or life. The glove teaches you how to maintain a correct swing in golf via built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip, letting you easily learn proper ...

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DIY Tire Swing

Nowadays, tire swings are built horizontally instead of vertically. A rope tied around a tire just isn’t as fun as it used to be for the kids. This brings a whole new area of challenges in crafting a tire swing. User adlabens from Instructables has come up with a great tutorial for making your very own horizontal tire swing. This ...

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Hang From The Chandelier Like A Monkey… A Much Less Hairy Monkey

Much of the time, chandeliers are displayed as a room’s luxury centerpiece. Usually made of crystal or glass, I’m always so tempted to jump and swing from every chandelier I see, yet personal property laws tend to deter me from such actions. The Do Swing concept is a light fixture which is made for doing exactly that. Hang from the ...

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