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Bento Jewelry

The creation of bento is just as much an art as creating a painting or a piece of jewelry. So integrating the art of bento box creation and jewelry shouldn’t be that tough, but yet, no one had done it, until now. This awesome Bento Jewelry by Carolyn Tille features realistic pieces of sushi and other related Bento foods, integrated ...

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Lightsaber Chopsticks Might Cook Your Sushi

What’s more important to you? Looking cool or eating sushi that is actually technically sushi? These Lightsaber Chopsticks might cook your sushi, so it might be more of a seared salmon and rice type dish. These ChopSaver chopsticks are available in red, blue and green colors and are likely to break a few plates over the years. Our advice? Don’t ...

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Make Sushi The Easy Way: Roll It Yourself

You could go through all of the trouble of learning how to roll your own sushi rolls, spending months mastering the art, or you could take the easy way out, get one of these nifty sushi rollers designed by Osko+Deichmann and be eating in no time. The latter sounds good to me, thank you very much. This contraption kind of ...

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A Pillow Worth Drooling On

I love sushi. Whether I’m eating it or sleeping on it, it’s all good. These ThinkGeek pillows modeled after popular Japanese cuisine run anywhere from $45 to $60 dollars and come in a variety of different styles/flavors. Tuna, salmon, shrimp, salmon roe and even edamame have all been turned into stylish plush pillows. I’ve gotten a hold of the salmon ...

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