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Mario Kart: For Real

Meet Remi Gaillard. He’s a real Italian plumber (except he’s French). The kind that drives a go-kart in live traffic, throwing banana peels at those trying to pass him by in an attempt to thwart their course. Yes, this man is playing Mario Kart for real. A hilarious video that’s well made and fun to watch. Don’t miss out. Link ...

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Super Obama World: Crush The Conservatives

Yes, I’m playing this game right now and yes, it rules. It’s the best of both worlds. You get all of the goodness of a classic Nintendo game, without the Nintendo. At the same time, you take on the role of our future president, Barack Obama, as he stomps any conservative daring enough to stand in his way. Link [via]

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Super SideBar Gets You Laid

Bachelors need a bar at their pad. What better way to impress your guests and lady friends than with a Super SideBar? Go to any bar in the city- you don’t choose your drinks, they’re chosen for you. It’s all about choice and personal preference these days and with the SideBar, five of your favorite thirst-depriving drinks can be tucked ...

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Mario Kart Wedding Cake Gone Galaxy

Yet another video game-based baked goody to fulfill our sweet tooth. This time around, Mario Kart is the inspiration for this succulent cake posted by Flickr user M.A.L. All the stars and the planet below the castle were inspired by Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. Letthemeatcake.net were the ones responsible for this extravagant design and if they can do ...

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Blindingly Good-Looking Superhero Bandannas

Yet another article of clothing to add to your superhero wardrobe. Mark McMillan has an idea for “goggle bandannas,” with removable eye pieces and breathable cushioning to provide extra comfort and convenience. Looking snazzy while riding that road warrior bike, you’ll be sure to have heads turning to see your flashy fluorescent goggle bandanna. You can even wear the goggles ...

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5 Easily Obtainable Gadgets Will Make You A Superhero

Wired.com has compiled a list of easily obtainable gadgets that’ll have you wearing tights quicker than Billy Elliot. If you’ve got cash like Tony Stark, chances are you were born to be a super hero. Super-natural powers are overrated. Batman kicks the piss out of everyone, so all you need are the right gadgets. A grappling hook, jet pack, X-ray ...

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