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Super Nintendo Bed

With a starting price of $20,000, the SNES-inspired iCon Bed isn’t for the casual gamer. But for someone who has devoted what amounts to several years of total gaming time, this bed is probably one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen. Equipped with a Hollandia adjustable 3D mattress, the iCon Bed also comes fully stocked with gadgetry goodness, including ...

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SNES Glasses Case

I’ve been getting back into SNES recently. It had been at least ten years since I even looked at the system, but then I received a copy of Super Mario World for Christmas. Forget about it. Now I can’t leave my house without some sort of SNES accessory. I just can’t bare to leave my poor console behind. I don’t ...

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A PC Disguised as a Super Nintendo

I’m the console disguised as another console disguised as a PC. Actually, this is just a badass case mod. Some dude shoved his entire Acer Aspire One A150 and a CD-ROM drive shoved into a SNES shell. The cartridge acts as a loader for discs, which is pretty inventive. What I want to know is if the creator destroyed a ...

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DIY: SNES Game Cartridge USB Hub

So, you haven’t been able to find that perfect USB hub to extend your peripheral horizons, yet you’ve been looking for what feels like decades. Forget about the middleman. There’s no need to buy a hub from a third-party as long as you’ve got some time, around $30 and a little technical prowess. The SNES Game Cartridge USB Hub is ...

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Super Nintoaster Makes SNES Games Om Nom Worthy

Shove your Super Nintendo games right into the toaster and prepare to smother them in butter and jam. The Super Nintoaster brings the pure unadulterated power of toast to the ancient Super Nintendo gaming system. And let’s be honest, this poor console is in dire need of a makeover. Basically what we’ve got here is a working SNES system packed ...

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