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NASA Solves Missing Sunspots

NASA believes they have discovered the cause of the extended "solar minimum" that saw record low sunspots and the weakest magnetic field in over a century during 2008 and 2009.

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Sun Generates First X-Class Flare of Solar Cycle

The Sun has generated the first X-Class solar flare of Solar Cycle 24. While this will be an opportunity to test the radiation resistance of our satellites, for us on Earth it simply means that we could be treated to a showing of Northern Lights.

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IMEC meets Howest: The First Solar Powered Laptop

We’ve seen solar-powered laptop cases and even a crazy Apple patent that suggested sun powered back lighting, but this is a concept that could change computing as we know it. The “IMEC meets Howest” is claimed to be the first laptop which relies completely on the power of the sun. Energized by two solar panels, no electricity source is needed ...

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Apple Patent Harnesses the Power of the Sun in an Unexpected Way

While Apple hasn’t yet patented the sun (yet), they are interested in what the sun can do for them and their hardware. A newly revealed patent suggests that Apple might be gearing up for a more eco-friendly line of laptops, but not through traditional solar power. Picture this: a mirror attached to the lid of your laptop folds out to ...

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Transitive Contact Lenses Will Likely Darken Your Eye Color

Good news for people who look like shit in sunglasses, but awful news for those who love their light eye color. These transition contact lenses are the first of their kind. They might someday eliminate the need for people with contacts to ever worry about toting their glasses around at all. There are surely some of you who have held ...

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Lux Solar Necklace

What do you get when you combine Blade Runner, the Sun and Kate Moss?A piece of “jewelry” known as the Lux. It’s a solar panel necklace that you wear around at day and when night comes, the pretty white lights come on. With two hours of sunlight a day, you can light up the night bright as a kite for ...

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