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Coke-Powered Mobile Phone Runs Off The Same Stuff You Do

You know the feeling. Its three a.m. and your running on fumes courtesy of that Coke-filled Big Gulp you just slurped down. What if your cellphone ran on the same stuff that kept you up for those all-nighters. Designer Daizi Zheng designed a cellphone to run off of the sugar cells in Coca-Cola. Well, any sugary beverage will do, even ...

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Bacteria Producing Plastic Sans Pollution

Everyday scientists are creating new ways to develop the things we take for granted. Eliminating the problematic ways of creating plastic with oil or gas, scientists of Genomatica Inc. have formed strains of bacteria which produce plastic. This is great news as this bacteria requires little more than sugar and water to produce butanediol, the compound used to manufacture many ...

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Blood Sugar Monitor On Your Dashboard

If you’re one of the many who suffer from diabetes and your glucose levels are so sporadic that driving any distance could lead to unpredictable results, then this device is for you. Medtronic Diabetes unveiled its new car, a Lincoln equipped with a system that wirelessly associates your glucose monitor with a screen on the dashboard to make driving safer ...

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