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Stripper Wine Stopper Is Very Safe For My Line Of Work

Bleak wine corks just don’t do it for me anymore. I need a wine stopper with some flavor, some spice. Something that bares it all without sacrificing the work that a wine stopper provides. Something like this pole dancing stripper wine stopper. She does bare it all and she’ll never fuss about working early mornings or late nights. All she’s ...

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USB Wine Cork

They’ve made thumb drives out of pretty much everything; even Luke Skywalker comes in USB form. Now, snobby wine connoisseurs everywhere can confuse their dozens of wine corks lying around the house for this 1GB USB flash drive. Unfortunately, it doesn’t double as a wine stopper, it just looks like one, so if you happen to mix it up and ...

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VacuView lets you know when wine turns into vinegar

Just when Christmas is over and New Year’s eve is approaching, you might want to take a break from all that booze and partying. It might be worthwhile to save whatever’s left in the bottle, it would be great if the wine doesn’t turn sour, it would even be better if you can see when it has been kept for ...

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