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Self-Adhesive Mirror Tiles

This one’s a no brainer. For $10, you can net twenty 4″ x 4″ squares that are one side sticky, one side mirror(y). At 50 cents a pop, that’s not too shabby. Imagine the possibilities with these fuckers too. Throw them on your ceiling above your bed and boom: shitty mirror sex. Or, if you’re lost at sea, just grab ...

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5T1CK135 (Stickies) computer window designed post-it notes

People love using their online sticky note programs, leaving little notes scattered across the Internet for further reference. 5T1CK135, or Stickies for non-l33t speakers, are computer window designed post-it notes for everyday life. If you feel secure in keeping with what you already know, 5T1CK135 could be a nice transition from going from a computer to the physical world. Just ...

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