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Blizzard’s 12-foot Orc Statue

You gotta hand it to Blizzard for having incredible taste. Taking a page from the Warcraft coffers, the team comissioned a 12-foot Orc statue from WETA, the special FX gurus behind the Lord of the Rings series of movies. Originally, the statue was shrunk down and given to employees as a gift but now all can bask in the Orc’s ...

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The Only Way George Lucas Can Stop Gaining Weight

The Japanese aren’t the only ones who are Star Wars crazy. The fans know the difference between an actual Millennium Falcon and one made out of batter. Japan held a Star Wars celebration for fans of the epic sci-fi saga to come show off their designs and art related to Star Wars, like that AT-AT from the streets. Bonnie Burton ...

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Festive Darth Vader Statue Is A Few Months Too Late

We’ve seen both artsy Darth Vader and seasonal Darth Vader, but never such an affordable mix of the two. If we had known this 7″ statue was available back during the holiday, we would have picked up one for sure, and might even pick one up for next December. Watch has Darth pleasantly craft his Death Star out of harmless ...

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