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Twitter Notepad: For Memos With 140 Characters or Less

If I’m ever in charge of a department, I’m so going to send memos to everyone in the office on this stationary, reminding them that they are prohibited from tweeting at the office.�Especially�during a fire. Take that corporate! I owe a debt of gratitude to designer C�sar Santiago for this piece of genius. You can make your own Twitter Notepad ...

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Stationary Holder Launches Attack Against You

I knew I shouldn’t have bought a militarized set of stationary holders. Thank God I didn’t get the uranium processing plant tape dispenser! These Stationary Troops stationary holders are apt to launch an attack against you. Just don’t look at them the wrong way. In fact, just don’t look at them at all. Link [via]

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Zeus Lightning Bolt Letter Sharpner, Equally Useful For Murder

The super poly-deity Zeus was known for wielding lightning as a symbol for his all powerful ways. Now we can also harness Zeus’ lightning bolt, though for a much more humble task. We just want to open our damn letters without the piece of shit ripping to shreds by the time we get to it. From the size of this ...

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