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On Foot Watch Tells How Yout Stack Up Against World Record Holders

Crispin Jones’s limited edition On Foot Watch displays the time of world record breaking runs on the face of the watch, allowing you to match up your speed with the fastest runners in the world down to the second, minute or hour, depending on which arc and which length you’re following. Unless you’re a world class athlete, you’ll be doing ...

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New Olympic Event: WoW Treadmill Race

You don’t have to look far to find acts of extreme dorkiness on the internet. The folks of Mana Energy Potion have hooked up treadmills to their PCs, indirectly promoting a new Olympic event, one that all gamers can appreciate regardless of athletic finesse. The event I speak of is of course the Azeroth cross country track competition. One virtual ...

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Nike Swift Dress System

The world’s elitist runners are still affected by one factor that can’t easily be changed: the human body. Luckily, sports giant Nike has developed a suit that resembles the attire of American Gladiators and supposedly helps you run faster. A series of leg and arm coverings called the “Nike Swift System of Dress” allow a sprinter to move faster via ...

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