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Spider-Man Arrested

The backstory remains unclear, but as they say, a photo speaks 1000 words. Maybe Toby Maguire has been beating up hookers again. He told me he was going to give that shit up. Damn you, Toby! Why can’t you just snort coke off the hookers asses like every other normal human-being. You have to resort to violence?! Link

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Steampunk Spider-Man

Looking as though he was pulled directly from the bronze-alicious Victorian times, Steampunk Spider-Man is not amused by your weak fleshy body Toby Maguire. Why must you give the spidery superhero a bad name… with your pathetic flesh and bones. He’d be laughing menacingly if he only had a pulse. Link [via]

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Spider-Man Backpack

Sort of like Yoda and Luke, but spiderier. Because who hasn’t dreamed of enslaving Spider-Man and wearing him on your back. Does this make us a super villain?? At least a little bit? Link [via]

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Marvel Comic Book Cover Mural

Featuring Marvel comic book covers by such titles as Spider Man, X-Men, Daredevil, The Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The Human Torch and Wolverine, and interwoven with both new and classic issues, this Marvel Comic Book Cover Wall Mural is essential for comic book fans. Available in 9 x 15 ($255) and 6 x 15 ($155), ...

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