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Sonic the Hedgehog: Now in Alcoholic Beverage Form

Sorry, it’s not actually hedgehog flavored. And it’s much more likely to make you about as slow as a sloth and as coordinated as, well, a really drunk guy. But hey, it looks pretty cool. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own: Ingredients: 1 part grenadine 2 parts Menthomint Schnapps 4 parts Blue Curacao Directions: Pour in the grenadine ...

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Sonic Takes on the Pac-Man Ghosts

I’m not sayin’ I’d rather play as Sonic than Pac-Man, but you can’t deny that the game would go a lot quicker playing as the hedgehog. Sonic rolls through the ghosts like a knife through warm butter. And now I want a warm buttered roll. Thanks me. Link

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Super Sick SEGA Sonic Shirt

Holy cow, Tails! That’s more alliteration than a hooker in Amsterdam! Peep this fucking sweet Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt. It’s Sonic and he’s squeezed into a box tighter than a Thai hooker. No, but really, it’s a promo t-shirt being handed out in Japan to promote the upcoming title Sonic Chronicles. Yeah, people got this shirt FOR FREE. Way jealous. ...

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Sonic-Scrubber: Electric toothbrush for cleaning purpose

Most of us know that the toothbrush is one of the great inventions ever that can serve multiple purposes. Not only can they be used to brush our teeth, they can also be used to clean nasty stains around the kitchen sink  (ask your mom). We have seen electric toothbrushes around for a while now, but JIC has actually renamed ...

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