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Miyamoto’s Game Solving System For Newbies

Holy shit. Apparently Miyamoto still has some ideas lodged in that adolescent skull of his. Nintendo has recently filed a patent application in the US for a system that will potentially aid gamers via computer controlled characters in sections too difficult for the player to overcome. This idea comes straight from Miyamoto who is worried that some games are too ...

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Electronic Rubik’s Cube No One Will Buy

While digitizing a Rubik’s cube would offer little more than confusion and frustration, at least it’s a one-up from Hasbro’s Lights Out. However, it is not a one-up from the original design of the Rubik’s cube, which is a classic amongst puzzle games worldwide. Rubik’s cubes were always the cheap toy you could throw around when you couldn’t solve it, ...

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The New Rubik’s Cube Means New Frustration

Unless you’re one of those crazy Rainman-like guys who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, then the cube has caused you some sort of frustration or grief at one point in your life. Well, this new Rubik’s Cube appears even more difficult than its predecessor. Without colors on any side, the only leeway you get is from ...

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