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Solar Powered Gadget Bag at CeBIT

Sunload presented its solar energy charger bag at CeBIT 2007. Sunload’s flexible solar panels allow for solar technology to be integrated into fashion products, including these bags. The bag can charge your gadgets using a 8-cell Li-Ion battery, car charger, or through its two USB connection ports. Solar technology is becoming more integrated into everyday life. The Sunload charger bag ...

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SW Solar Lamp: Pretty and simple…pretty simple

Solar technology is flaunted by the eco-geeks of the world because of the Sun’s incredible source of eco-friendly energy. With Maria Hamprecht’s design of this SW Solar Lamp the fashionistas of the world will now join the praise chorus. The SW emits a lovely ambient, silhouette-like, soft glow. The kind of light that many photographers use to make their subjects ...

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