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The Periodic Table of Videos

A great series of videos made by the chemistry department at the University of Nottingham in England�one for each of the elements in the periodic table, 118 in all. It's full of insights�and it will have you wondering about the activation energy of professor Martyn Poliakoff's hair.

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Recreating The Earth’s Magnetic Field – On Earth

Scientists are always trying to replicate phenomenons here on earth. With the Large Hadron Collider attempting to test various theories and even replicate the big bang, you’d think scientists all over the world have their hands full. On the contrary, scientists at the University of Maryland have their own little maniacal tests to conduct. They’ve built a ten foot high, ...

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Instant Noodle Perfection Timer won’t leave you with limp noodles

Do you find yourself constantly striving to get the perfect time and temperature to cook your instant noodles? I mean, sure, sometimes you forget that your noodles are done and wind up eating a cold and nasty dinner of instant noodles, and they taste like shit reheated. The Instant Noodle Perfection Timer reminds you of when your noodles are done. ...

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