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Cigarette Lighter Phone Will Likely Turn Yellow Over Time

If you can’t go very long without a smoke pressed between your lips and your cell pressed to your ear, you might need a way to join the two mediums. Sure, we’ve seen the device which swears to be the ultimate smoker’s phone, but where is the lighter? The SB6309 Cigarette Lighter Phone includes a lighter in its ingeniously deadly ...

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The Smoker’s Umbrella

For a smoker, catching a cig before work is a must whether the weather be rain or shine. Some of us can’t find a dry area half the time and if you’re in Seattle, forget it. In comes the Smoker’s Umbrella to save the day. Equipped with a clip-on ashtray, you’ll be able to keep dry and puff down without ...

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Ultimate Smokers’ Phone Reloaded… Marlboro Stylee

A little more than a year ago we brought you the Ultimate Smokers’ Phone, a device which was made to look like a Chinese-brand of cigarettes’ pack, and even held real cigarettes. This time around, we’ve found a adaptation of the device which is much more Americana, featuring the design of the well-known Marlboro brand. The Dual-band Marlboro phone features ...

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Cigarettea: Everybody’s doing it and it’s subliminal camel-free

Even non-smokers can have something to tote around in the Cigarette Phone. Cigarettea is cigarette-shaped tea bags for people who like to entertain in a subtle way. People will give you glances of confusion as you drop a cigarette into your boiling water. Let the Cigarettea settle, just like any other tea, and then drink down its tea goodness. It’s ...

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