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Concealable Knife And Blowgun For Ninjas

We all have enemies. That’s why Gearfuse posts a slew of weapons such as the WASP Knife and End Table Defense System. No, we don’t condone violence or the use of weapons for any other reason than self defense, but how can we resist with this $15 dollar concealable pocket knife with a folding blowgun attached to it? Simply put: ...

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Lemon and Lime Slice Cubes

I love the concept of these Ice and Slices trays. Slice up a lemon or a lime, put it in the tray, add water and freeze. Presto. Next time you have a vodka cocktail or something equally fruity on the rocks, you can just drop in a few slice cubes of lemon or lime. Genius! Only a mere six bucks. ...

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