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Abisko Washbasin Provides Extra Incentive To Save Water

While the Abisko Washbasin does a fine job of encouraging water conservation, I’d one-up this design and go a bit further. You see, the Abisko Washbasin uses an angled design which allows wasted water to flow its way down through a drainage grill installed in the floor. If you really wanted to encourage people to conserve water, you have to ...

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Removable Kitchen Sink Promotes Water Conservation

Here’s an idea that really benefits you as a homeowner. A removable kitchen sink that can be taken outside and the water drained over your garden. Genius. And the nutrients the plants will get from food waste will benefit your crop for sure. The design comes from Hughie of Australia and believe it or not, it’s not a concept! You ...

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The Spot: A Faucet Johnny Would Approve Of

Tap on, tap off. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do when you get a Sanindusa Spot electronic bathroom faucet installed in your home. As you can see, there’s a sleek button on top that you can tap for water. H2O will flow out into your washbasin in a clean, controlled manner, which is supposed to help conserve water ...

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Miss Washbasin Conforms To Your Body

Let’s face it, your face is dirtier than a Denny’s kitchen. You shouldn’t have to worry about cramping your back while hunched over your normal everyday bathroom sink. Hidra, creators of the Miss Washbasin, were thinking of your crater filled cheeks when they designed the Miss. The concave form of the sink allows for comfortable leaning against the front of ...

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Bathtunes: WET X-Light Surround Musical Washbasin

Most of us love to sing in the shower when no one’s around. I tend to take it one step further and sing while I’m shaving and taking a piss, but hey, if no one’s listening, might as well! Italian design company WET has created the X-Light Surround Basin with people like yours truly in mind. At 142 x 38 ...

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