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Beyond Auto-Tune: Japanese Robot Learns How to Sing By Mimicking Pop Stars

Modern pop music is packed to the brim with machine-aided singers, probably more than we can even imagine. But what happens when the machines start singing for themselves? HRP-4, the first ever divabot, is a Japanese fembot programmed to sing. With an assortment of software enhancements, HRP-4 mimics pop singers down to their every last breath and facial tic. A ...

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Talking Buck Uncomfortably Harasses Female Guests

Do you really need another reason for the ladies to be creeped-out by your house? Your weird collection of Kamasutra Robots and your robotic lovechild are enough to scare even the spiniest of family members away. The addition of a sexually-harassing inter-species flirting Talking Deer doesn’t sound like it’s going to be much help of a help to your social ...

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More Olympic Shenanigans

First, it was digitally altering the fireworks. Now those commie bastards are at it again! According to The Telegraph, the little 9-year-old girl in the red dress than sung “Hymn to the Motherland” during the opening ceremony, Lin Miaoke, is nothing more than a puppet. Turns out a small girl with “buck teeth” called Yang Peiyi was hitting all the ...

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